Region of Crete


The Region of Crete is a second grade local self government authority of Greece offering services for the benefit of the citizens. It is a Public Law Entity organized and operating according to the Greek Law 3852/10 (FEK 87/07-06-2010) “Kallikratis Program”.

It consists of 6 General Directorates and 36 Directorates that aim at Economic, Social and Cultural Development of the Island of Crete. It designs, plans and implements policies at regional level as part of its responsibility in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and social cohesion of the country, taking into account national and European policies.

Eleftherias Square, 71201, Heraklion
T + (30) 2813 400 350

The team:

Dr. Katerina Vlasaki- Katerina Vlassaki > Sociologist (MSc, PhD)

Project manager. She is a collaborator of the Regional Governor in social policy and project manager in several EU project in the social filed such as: MMWD for migrants, SAVE for child protection, Road-CSR for Social Responsibility of Enterprises.


Calliope Markaki as a thematic expert in social consultancy and services. She is a social consultant in social care services of the Region of Crete and a thematic expert on child abuse in the "SAVE" (EU) project and thematic expert in social care in the "MMWD" (EU) project. 

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