Projects presented for Erasmus 2020 Call

Published on:

May 20, 2021, 6 p.m.

  • TETRA-s: TRAINING OF EDUCATORS FOR TRANSFER OF TRANSVERSAL SKILLS - improving competences to support real Social inclusion of people with cognitive disabilities (KA220-ADU-00F5DF61). Coordinator: Groep Ubuntu 8K
  • FORM: Therapeutic foster care for Unaccompanied Minor Refugees and their foster families (KA220-VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training). Coordinator: Odisee University
  • MOVE-IT: Development of a training program for improving physical exercise of people with intellectual disabilities through exergames and technology (KA220-ADU - Cooperation partnerships in adult education). Coordinator: universitat politecnica de Valencia.
  • INTREPIT: INitiative on TRaining for the Evaluation of Psychosocial Intensive Treatment on addictions (KA220-VET - Cooperation partnerships in vocational). Coordinator: Comunità di Venezia Società Cooperativa Sociale