Veneto Region

Youth Policies in the Veneto Region are implemented within the framework of the Social Services Department. Youth Policy lies at the core of policies for the promotion of wellbeing within the Family Service. Family policy relates to children and adolescents as target groups but it is also linked to young people leaving their original families to set up new ones.

The Youth department of the Family Service deals with youth policy and its main goal is to give young people the possibility of becoming “actors” in the social field by valorising experiences of active citizenship and youth participation.

All this is carried out through initiatives that are focused on different fields of intervention: a better quality of leisure time, the cross-cultural dimension, the correct use of new communication systems and strengthening the information, and promotion of the social dimension of young people. Particular attention is given to young people living in disadvantaged situations, by means of projects aimed at their direct involvement or at the setting up of specific guidelines for intervention.

Family policies are promoted, in accordance with the UN convention on the rights of the child, through organic and integrated policy for the recognition and support of the family for the free development of its social function.