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- Veneto Region >

The Veneto Region Direction for social services is divided into seven Services (minors, young people, families, elderly, dependent people, Handicapped people, third sector, 71 operating offices and seven regional observatories.

The Veneto region is in charge of the national coordination of the Social policies for the 20 Italian regions. The region participates in the coordination of interregional and Interdepartmental groups in its field of competency, in the context of activities linked to the Conference of Presidents of the Regions and of the Conference between the State and the Regions.

On European level, social services join important European networks such as the ESN (European Social Network) and ENSA (European Network of Social Authorities).

- Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia
Ufficio di collegamento della Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia a Bruxelles

- Municipality of Vicenza >
Donata Gaspari, Ufficio politiche comunitarie

- Municipality of Belluno >
Jacopo Massaro, Mayor of the Municipality of Belluno

- EQUALITY Cooperativa Sociale Onlus >
Barbara Maculan, President

- La Strada – Der Weg ONLUS >
Francesco Campana, Unità progettazione/FSE

- Comunità di Venezia >
Paolo Stocco, Director

- ISRAA Treviso >
Oscar Zanutto

- FABER – Fabbrica Europa >

- Regione Autonoma Valle d’Aosta >

- Liguria Region >

- Municipality of Florence
Marzia Mordini

- Puglia Region
Salvatore Petronella
Regione Puglia
Ufficio Rapporti con le Istituzioni dell'Unione Europea
Rue du Trône 62, B-1050 Bruxelles
tel 0032 2 5010873 - fax 0032 2 5010877
Antonella Bisceglia: Director welfare Department and Equal Opportunities




- The City of Vienna >

- Land Karnten - Carinthia
Martina Rattinger




- Flemish ministry for youth welfare
Referee: An Rommel

 - Kind en Gezin
Child and Family Agency – Flanders
Referee:  Rudy de Cock

 - Groep Ubuntu x 8K 
Referee: Johan Warnez

 - Odisee University College  
Referee: Jos Sterckx




- The City of Sofia >




- Croatian Regions Office >




- City of Helsinky >




- Conseil Départemental du Val-de-Marne >

Val-de-Marne is a department in the Central Northern part of France. Sharing its
boundaries with Paris, it is defined as the close South East suburbs of the French capital.

Presentation of Val-de-Marne.pdf

- U.N.C.C.A.S._ Union Nationale des Centres Communaux d'Action Sociale >




- Federal State of Shleswig-Holstein: coordination office for Social Welfare >



Region of Crete

The Region of Crete is a second grade local self government authority of Greece offering services for the benefit of the citizens. It is a Public Law Entity organized and operating according to the Greek Law 3852/10 (FEK 87/07-06-2010) “Kallikratis Program”.

It consists of 6 General Directorates and 36 Directorates that aim at Economic, Social and Cultural Development of the Island of Crete. It designs, plans and implements policies at regional level as part of its responsibility in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and social cohesion of the country, taking into account national and European policies.

Eleftherias Square, 71201, Heraklion
T + (30) 2813 400 350

The team  Region of Crete

Dr. Katerina Vlasaki- Katerina Vlassaki > Sociologist (MSc, PhD)

Project manager. She is a collaborator of the Regional Governor in social policy and project manager in several EU project in the social filed such as: MMWD for migrants, SAVE for child protection, Road-CSR for Social Responsibility of Enterprises.


 Calliope Markaki as a thematic expert in social consultancy and services. She is a social consultant in social care services of the Region of Crete and a thematic expert on child abuse in the "SAVE" (EU) project and thematic expert in social care in the "MMWD" (EU) project. 




Municipality of Tripolis  >

The population of the Municipality of Tripolis is ageing and the elderly is a rather marginalised group and difficult to reach for geographical reasons since the Municipality of Tripolis consists of many villages scattered around the city. The majority live isolated in remote villages with little or no access to services which we all take for granted.

Elderly citizens are in need of:

  • distance diagnosis for early prevention;
  • e-heath and e-care for those who suffer from chronic diseases and live in remote villages;
  • facilities and/or activities for recreation and creative activities.

Citizens with disabilities are in need of:

  • physical access to all public spaces
  • online access to important websites such as the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, centres for abused women etc.
  • active participation in public life.

Zoi Mylona
European affairs advisor to the Mayor, Municipality of Tripolis
International & European affairs expert - Translator (GR, EN, FR, ES)
Systemic counsellor (individual, couple & family) - Member of HAC & EAC
BSc (Honours) Psychology (in progress)

Download: Tripolis profile 2020



- ALTERA VITA Social Cooperative of Cyclades >
Miltos Sakellariou

- Municipality of Syros >


- Association of Greek Local Authorities >



Riga City Council Department of Welfare >



The Netherlands

- City of Rotterdam >
Anthony Polychronakis:

- Flevoland >



- Sagene District Oslo
Tone M. Hølmebakk




- Timis County >




- Andalucia >

- Comunidad de Madrid >

- Ajuntament de Terrassa >

Social Welfare in Terrassa. See the presentation


- Fundación Comunidad Valenciana – Región Europea

Avenue Edmnond Mesens, 7ª
1040 - Brussels
Julia Jaraiz
Tel. 00 32 2282 41 64


- Ayuntamiento de Castellon

Cristina Querol
Carmen Arroyo (Oficina de Extremadura en Bruselas):
Paula Osés (Oficina de Proyectos de la Junta de Extremadura en Bruselas):
Virginia Jiménez (Consejería de Igualdad y Empleo):


- ERI-Polibienestar - Universitat de València

Jorge Garcés-Ferrer.
Full Professor. University of Valencia (Spain).
Former Prince of Asturias Chair. Georgetown University (USA).
Polibienestar Research Institute. Chairman. UVEG. T
el/Fax. +34963828184- 60009 int- 605504367.
E mail:

IVASS - Institut Valencià d'Atenció Social-Sanitaria >
Jose Manuel Gil, Psychologist and IVASS Project Officer




- West Sweden
President Kjell Peterson
Project Manager Isabel Poli

West Sweden
Rue du Luxembourg 3
B-1000 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 501 08 41
Fax: +32 2 501 08 42
Mob: +32 484 42 36 51

- Municipality of Varberg
Development officer Kersti Arvidsson
Social Welfare administration
Tel +46 340 884 83

- Central Sweden
Ted Bergman

- Municipality of Nacka >
Kerstin Seipel




- The City and the University of Edinburgh >

- Greater Manchester Brussels Office >

- Surrey County Council >

- North West England >

- Double Helix Resources  (DHR) >
Brian De Lord, Director




- ENAIP (ACLI Italian National Agency of Vocational Training)

E.N.A.I.P. (ACLI National Agency of Vocational Training), founded in 1951, is a non-profit organization recognized. Promoted by ACLI (Italian Workers' Catholic Association), it operates institutionally in the field of vocational training, offering a variety of services within the different stages of the educational process, with public financing or by orders from businesses, agencies, associations, the Public Administration. Enaip initiatives and its interventions, aimed to pursue first and foremost the interests of the workers and those marginal groups of the population, are carried out in Italy, in the countries of the European Union and in third-world countries for their self-development.

See Enaip description.doc

E.N.A.I.P. (ACLI National Agency of Vocational Training)
Rue d’Egmont 15
Tel 02 500 85 40
Fax 02 511 24 08


Associated partners        

- ELISAN – European Local Inclusion and Social Action Network

- Youth Care Platform >

- Romanian Society for Lifelong learning SREP >

- Art dans la cite>
Rachel Even – Olivier Galaverna