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ENSA General Assembly 2020, Helsinki

ENSA General Assembly venue – Kallion virastotalo, Toinen linja 4 A 00520, Helsinki, Finland


The City of Helsinki together with ENSA, European network of Social Authorities, the Veneto Region, IS.R.A.A. Treviso (Istituto per Servizi di Ricovero e Assistenza agli Anziani), the Youth Care Platform and the ELISAN Network have the pleasure to invite you to the ENSA General Assembly 2020. The event will bring together social and healthcare stakeholders in the setting of a truly innovative country: Finland.
The topic that has been chosen this year is integrated care.

Study visits will be organized by the City of Helsinki, targeting at risk youth and minors, homelessness, persons with disabilities and seniors. A project development workshop will follow up the EU proposals being presently developed through a Digital Slack Platform, that allows continuous interaction. Therefore, feel free to send us the practices and strategies you would like to develop jointly.

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SEFAC Final Event

4th-5th-6th November 2020, Treviso (Italy)

SEFAC-logoThe Final Event of the SEFAC Project will be held in Treviso on the 4th-5th-6th November 2020and will be organized by ISRAA Treviso, one of the partners. In addition to an international audience, the representatives of the Municipality and of the Province of Treviso, Local Health Authorities, charity organisations and associations representing people affected by chronic diseases will actively participate in the conference.

During this event, a publication exploring SEFAC’s intervention methods will be presented: this will become a toolbox useful to every Region wishing to implement such methods.

Furthermore, the General Assembly of the ELISAN network will be held jointly with the SEFAC event.
The final conference will also provide an opportunity to highlight the synergy between SEFAC and the ValueCare project, funded by the European Horizon 2020 Programme and also led by the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam.


Re-thinking ageing: the revolution of longevity, from challenge to resource.
Strategies, policies and instruments,
Cortina d’Ampezzo 2020


The International and European context of this event consists of the key elements of the strategies for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the European Pillar of Social Rights, the Follow-up of the Europe 2020 Strategy, as well as the WHO Decade of Healthy Ageing.

Therefore, this conference is an opportunity for multi-voice reflection with authoritative experts to focus on the critical issues and solutions that can be adopted, also with a view to exchanging experiences of best practice and planning at an international level.

Some examples are represented by the important challenges faced by European projects such as TAAFE (Towards an Age-Friendly Alpine space), SEFAC (Social Engagement Framework for Addressing the Chronic disease challenge), FILO (Fighting Loneliness) and VALUECARE (Value-based methodology for integrated care supported by ICT).

For this reason, the conference is held in partnership with the Veneto Region and the European networks in which it has a relevant or coordinating role, such as ENSA (European Network of Social Authorities), ELISAN (European Social Inclusion and Social Action Network), Covenant on Demographic Change, Euregha, PRO.M.I.S. and DCRN (Demographic Change Regions Network). Moreover, a supporting role is played by I.S.R.A.A. Treviso.


UN World Cities Day, 31st October 2020

The United Nations General Assembly has designated the 31st of October as World Cities Day, by its resolution 68/239. During the UN World Cities Day 2018, the Venice Charter was adopted. The Charter aims to achieve SDG 11 - Making Cities and Human Settlements Inclusive, Safe, Durable and Sustainable.

On this occasion, the questionnaires drafted by UNINOVE (University of Sao Paolo) on the basis of the10  points of the Venice Declaration will be presented. The questionnaires will contain the best  practices of regional policies and strategies for the implementation of the SDG 11, gathered through a collaboration between the Regional Council of the Veneto Region and the IFFD (International Federation for Family Development).