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“Cognition & Inclusion” - Erasmus+ KA2 Call 2017






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Just launched:
Best4Older for LGBTI – Best interest for the Older LGBTI
“Sexuality in Old Age: time for equality and inclusion”
28th Februar0 2019, Porto - Portugal

The Centro de Atendimiento e Sevicisios 050+(CASO 50+) hosted the conference “Sexuality in Old Age: time for equality and inclusion” on 28th February 2019 in Porto, Portugal. NGOs, health and social care professionals, stakeholders and representatives from the general public participated to the event which was the occasion to launch the  Best4OlderLGBTI project.

The  aims to fight against discrimination based on age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics of older people, and to promote the rights of older LGBTI people, thought raising awareness of different target groups contributing for a more equal and inclusive society.

The project will contribute to make professionals (from health, social and public services), employers, teachers, children and young people, university students and other publics more aware, oriented towards equality and age and LGBTI friendly. Ultimately, the project aims to promote the older LGBTI people confidence in health, social and public services and contributing for a more equal and inclusive society.

According to REC priorities, the Best4OlderLGBTI project assures:
1. Fighting against discrimination based on sexual orientation in society and promoting the
rights of LGBTI people;
2. Raising awareness about intergenerational solidarity and non-discrimination on the basis of age (in particular of young people).



Launch of the TRIADE 2.0 Erasmus+ programme
25th and 26th February 2019,
Kick-Off meeting in Kortrijk, Belgium

IVASS (Instituo Valenciano de Atencion Social Sanitaria) is the general coordinator of TRIADE 2.0 project; the kick-off meetinq was hosted by Familiehulp and GVO Sint Vincentius on 25th and 26th February 2019 in Kortrijk, Belgium.

TRIADE 2.0 project aims at tackling the problem of social inclusion of ageing adults with intellectual disabilities (AAWID), a new target group I the EU. Since the percentage of people with a disability increases with age, one of the priorities of the EU is to ensure equal access to education for people with disabilities enabling them to participate fully and actively in society and improving their quality of life.

However, as national health and social service provision is often inadequate to cope with the needs of these people, the projects commits to provide them with more information on the concept of healthy ageing and quality of life as well as with the acquisition of transversal competences.

TRIADE 2.0 Erasmus







Next project transnational meetings highlights

  • ABOVE “Abilities on the Move” meeting:
    13th, 14th, 15th March 2019 – Croatia
  • Transnational meeting of the European project ABOVE “Abilities on the Move”, a strategic partnership to exchange good practice examples regarding the employment of persons with mental health disabilities.


  • FILO “Fighting Against Loneliness” meeting:
    18th, 19th, 20th March 2019 – Venice, Italy
  • Meeting of the European project FILO “Fighting Against Loneliness” in the framework of the Erasmus + KA2 programme, supporting elderly people who face not only a decrease in empowerment, but also loneliness. The project coordinator is the University of Applied Science of Rotterdam with a partnership involving not only ENSA but also the social cooperative don Lorenzo Milani based in Mestre (Ve, Italy). 

    The meeting will focus on the activities to prevent loneliness, exclusion and marginalization of elderly people. In addition, the project coordinator foresee the presentation of a future project in the framework of the Erasmus + programme (Call March 2019)  with a partnership involving ENSA, ISRAA and ELISAN.


  • C&I Cognition & Inclusion  meeting:
    28th, 29th Granada, Spain
  • Transnational meeting of the European project "Cognition & Inclusion"  (C&I) with a partnership involving ENSA and IRECOOP. "Cognition & Inclusion" addresses the adaptive and transversal skills necessary to become a successful participant in our society. Adults with a learning disability are often missing these skills as they are not part of the curriculum or training. 


  • Invitation  to a joint seminar of two European projects:
    A Way Home and We Hear You
    4 th  and 5th April, Venice
  • We are pleased to invite you to the forthcoming event organized by the Social Services Department and the Brussels Office, involved in the general coordination of the European Network of Social Authorities (ENSA).

     4 th April 2019 -  Palazzo Grandi Stazioni - Cannaregio 23, 30121 Venice
    5th  April 2019 –  Venice, venue to be confirmed

    The meeting on 4th  April 2019 is a joint event of the European Network of Social Authorities (ENSA), the European Projects “A Way Home” and “We Hear You”, the Veneto Region and the Youth Care Platform.  It is followed by a joint meeting of the ENSA Working Groups ‘Child’ and ‘Youth and Family’ on 5th April 2019.  Places are limited, so we ask you to register quickly. The language of the event is English.

    europeA Way Home is funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme.

We Hear You is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union 2014-2020.



  • FILO “Fighting Against Loneliness” meeting + Final conference APP CARE project: 20th- 23th May 2019, Roeselare/Brussels, Belgium
  • Transnational meeting of the Project FILO “Fighting Against Loneliness” will take place in Roeselare from 20th to 22 May 2019, while the Final Conference of the APP CARE project will be held on 23th May 2019 in Brussels.