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FILO “Fighting Against Loneliness” meeting + Final conference APP CARE project: 20th- 23th May 2019, Roeselare/Brussels, Belgium

Transnational meeting of the Project FILO “Fighting Against Loneliness” will take place in Roeselare from 20th to 22 May 2019, while the Final Conference of the APP CARE project will be held on 23th May 2019 in Brussels.



FILO “Fighting Against Loneliness” meeting:
18th, 19th, 20th March 2019 – Venice, Italy

Meeting of the European project FILO “Fighting Against Loneliness” in the framework of the Erasmus + KA2 programme, supporting elderly people who face not only a decrease in empowerment, but also loneliness. The project coordinator is the University of Applied Science of Rotterdam with a partnership involving not only ENSA but also the social cooperative Co.ge.s. don Lorenzo Milani based in Mestre (Ve, Italy). 

The meeting will focus on the activities to prevent loneliness, exclusion and marginalization of elderly people. In addition, the project coordinator foresee the presentation of a future project in the framework of the Erasmus + programme (Call March 2019)  with a partnership involving ENSA, ISRAA and ELISAN.



TRIADE “Training for Inclusion of Ageing people with Disabilities through Exchange”





On the occasion of the TRIADE “Training for Inclusion of Ageing people with Disabilities through Exchange” Erasmus funded project final event, the ENSA disability and elderly working groups have the pleasure to invite you to a meeting that will be held:

in BRUSSELS on Monday December 18th, 2017

Veneto Region's Brussels Office, 14.00-17.
0067 Av de Tervueren. 1040 Bruxelles
Tel +32 2 743 70 12

Draft program of ENSA elderly and disability
TRIADE Final report
Formal invitation and registration form



Innovation-in-care2in1“Innovation in care: How to improve quality of life and services for an ageing population?”
ENSA Working Group on Elderly and Disability

18-19 May 2017, Committee of the Regions, Bruxelles

Organized by: The Urban Health Centers Europe project together with four leading networks of European authorities working in health and social care: EUROCITIES, ENSA (European Network for Social Authorities), ELISAN (European Local Inclusion and Social Action Network) and the European Covenant of Demographic Change.

A multitude of good examples are being implemented to integrate social and health care by coordinating approaches and combining resources. This event aimed to discussing how to scale up innovation and practices promoting people-oriented approaches in order to bring tangible benefits for end users, help health and care systems to contain costs and to unlock business opportunities. Specific focus was put on the efficiency of social protection systems over the life course. Successful experiences and good examples were exchanged in the following strands: Age friendly environments; Integrated care; Smart city strategy for an ageing city.

On the 19th of May, ENSA organized the Working Group Elderly and Disability to present a strategy on Integrated care, successful experiences and innovative projects on the topic.

Making the link with the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, the Sustainable Development Goals, the challenges of cohesion policies with the Europe 2030 Strategy, leading international experts and decision makers were invited to present and discuss innovative practices and policies throughout the event.

More information can be found on the event website

To download:
Innovation in Care – AGENDA
Innovation in Care - INVITATION

Hein Raat
Project Manager Urban Health Centers Europe, Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam

Mrs. Sylvie Carrega
President ELISAN Network

Manuela Lanzarin
Chair of ENSA, Regional Minister for Social Services Veneto Region

Anne Berit Rafoss
Chair Urban Ageing working group EUROCITIES



Conference "Ageing well, for a better quality
of life and housing in Europe"

18 - 19 February 2016, Treviso

The Municipality of Treviso, in cooperation with the "Istituto per Servizi di Ricovero e Assistenza agli Anziani", the ENSA and the ELISAN, organizes the ENSA elderly working group on 18 and 19 February 2016 - a Conference on "Ageing well, for a better quality of life and housing in Europe". The conference and the thematic elderly working group will offer, to those who are in charge of policies or services directed to the ageing population, dialogue opportunities for research, experimentation and project building.

The focus will address: housing, healthy lifestyles including physical activities and nutrition to support active and healthy ageing. Furthermore, this meeting will be the occasion to share practices, knowledge, cultural models.

During this event a study visit will be included:

  • Option A: Residenza Anziani Città di Treviso - Visit to care homes with Alzheimer units
  • Option B: Casa Albergo - Homes for independent living seniors- small homes
  • Option C: Residenza Rosa Zalivani - Care homes for seniors needing support and assistance

    And also some thematic groups dedicated to:

  • 1. European Network for Social Authorities- Thematic working group elderly meeting
  • 2. Addressing food technology and ageing well through EU call for proposals




TRADELOGOSecond international TRIADE meeting

11-12 January 2016, Kortrijk

The transition toward an inclusive society drives service providers from different fields to cooperate and mutually learn. In an inclusive society, mainstream and community-based services support all citizens, disabled or not.

Services for the elderly need to learn how to take care of and support ageing people, also when they are disabled: staffs need to acquire new skills related to the needs of this group. At the same time, services for the disabled need to obtain skills creating opportunities for the disabled elderly to age in the place of their choice for as long as they wish and are able to. These services need to gain additional skills related to 'ageing'. Both fields can learn from each other.

Leader Organisation: den achtkanter vzw (BE)
Kortrijk Flemish non for profit organization, supporting ca. 150 adults (intellectual disabilities or TBI-traumatic brain injury). Quality of life, full citizenship, autonomy and inclusion are the main themes of the mission statement, policy, goals and activities.


Pôle Allongement de la Vie Charles Foix - Nutrition, food and aging

19 November 2015, Paris

This annual conference addresses sociological, medical and social ageing. This event aims firstly to allow the exchange among experts - from leading researchers and specialists - and moreover to improve the knowledge of a specific topic: food and nutrition of the elderly. This conference was aimed to bring a new understanding of the effects of diet on the health of older people and to question scientists and professionals on these issues. Furthermore, the conference set the means and tools to individuals, caregivers , associations, organizations and local communities to meet the needs and expectations of older people. Click here to download the program


Ensa Thematic Working Group - ElderlyENSA Thematic working group elderly

28 – 29 May 2015, Helsinki

The ENSA Elderly thematic working group organized in partnership with the City of Helsinki and in cooperation with the Municipality of Nacka had the aim to discuss different projects concerning the elderly. In this meeting have been discussed:

  • FoRGED – the aim of the project is to improve living conditions and quality of life for people with dementia – It was an EU project proposal by the Norrköping municipality, Sweden

  • "Relief project" - In a context where the burden of the caregivers, especially the families, is often extremely hard. The relief project has been put into place to find innovative solutions linking public authorities, private and volunteer sector to improve the quality of life of the elderly and their caretakers in case of dementia and dependence. This project has been experimented at local level in Veneto with the support of the Local Social and Health Units and was initiated by ULSS 8 ASOLO.

  • Invitation to Valencia – 18 June Study visit models of social and healthcare integration in the framework of the Urban Health Centers 2.0 project funded by the EU health program. Eskilstuna, already a member of the Disabled network, has become also member of the Elderly network - Noomi Pettersson Eskilstuna municipality, Sweden.

  • Eskilstuna, already a member of the Disabled network, has become also member of the Elderly network - Noomi Pettersson Eskilstuna municipality, Sweden.



    The ENSA thematic working groups elderly and disability meeting

    20 November 2015, Paris

    The ageing population encourages us to develop innovation in terms of services and products for users and caregivers. This innovation is a source of social and economic development. In France a national program named Silver economy involving businesses just starting up, local authorities, research and academic levels are developing fast.

    The ENSA group has been welcomed by the Pole Charles Foix in a place called Silver Innov that had just been launched.

    The ENSA group met with the directors of the two expert national bodies in this field Silver Valley and CEREMH (le Centre d'étude et de recherche sur la mobilité, French research centre on mobility). In addition, the Departmental Council of Val-de-Marne, represented by Christophe Ambroise, brought its expertise on accessibility targeting elderly and disabled.



    IV Congress of the "Corte di Giustizia popolare per il diritto alla salute" ("Court of Justice for Health Rights")

    20- 22 November 2015, Rimini

    ENSA participated at the IV Congress of the" Corte di Giustizia popolare per il diritto di salute" to bring expertise on the best practices at national and international level. The objective of the congress was to tackle the critical issues and needs of the National Health Service and provide concrete and sustainable solutions that can represent new guidelines for a more advanced healthcare system responsive to the needs of socio-demographic change.



    European Congress on Adherence to Therapy

    24-25 February 2016, Brussels

    European Congress on Adherence to Therapy in cooperation with the ENSA and the SIHA (Senior International Health Association).



    ENSA meeting Thematic working group Elderly

    12th-13th of May 2014
    Venue: Rotterdam City Hall, 4th floor room 4.3 Ijssel

    12th May Working group meetings
    13th of May Study visits:

  • • Expertise Centre Healthcare Innovation, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.
    This study visit will include a general introduction to the activities and function of the Expertise Centre Healthcare Innovation. In addition, a number of projects will be presented, with a special emphasis on the project 'Even Buurten'. 'Even Buurten' focuses on people at the age of 70 or above who encounter minor or major problems in their daily lives that they cannot solve themselves. By actively engaging their neighbourhood, they have a better chance of living independently.

    • Elderly home Hoppesteyn, Aafje. In one of the elderly homes of Aafje, located in the north of Rotterdam, the participants will experience the 'Even Buurten' approach in practice. There will also be a guided tour around the Hoppesteyn home, explaining the different functions this facility has to offer, and with the opportunity to meet a number of residents. There will be sufficient space for a roundtable discussion to reflect on both the study visits.



    6th March 2014 - Relief project

    Venue: Montebelluna / Treviso

    the Veneto Region in collaboration with the Social Health Unit n. 8 and the Elisan and ENSA networks organized on the 6th March 2013 a Conference on the "Relief project" developed by the Veneto Region, a project about support measures activated in the Region to support people with Alzheimer disease and their families.

    Further information: Laura.Zuccato@regione.veneto.it



    Alzheimer 2012 Award Ceremony

    « Living with and despite Alzheimer's disease » launched by the ELISAN network in collaboration with the Fondation Médéric Alzheimer

    27 November 12.00 – 12.30
    Venue : Atrium 6, Bâtiment Jacques Delors
    European Economic and Social Committee



    European conference: European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations

    October, 17th, 2012




    UNNCASS logo



    UNNCAS CONGRESS MARSEILLE . Ageing tomorrow : decide our future today!
    Search for European innovative experiences !

    10 – 11 octobre 2012
    Share your European experiences
    Ageing tomorrow : decide our future today!
    Save the date : 10 and 11 October in Marseille - France

    UNCCAS organizes in October, its 65th congress in Marseille. On the central theme of ageing, this congress will provide an opportunity for a necessary reflection of local stakeholders on the future of their involvement in actions to accompany the ageing population. A forum will be dedicated to specific projects in European countries: housing, health prevention, care for the elderly, identify and respond to needs of senior citizens etc.. To this end, we are looking for innovative projects with implemented in European countries at local levels. Would you like to participate in this forum and present a project? Warning: working language French only.

    We invite you to close very quickly Kristine Stempien, project manager at UNCCAS: kstempien@unccas.org - Tel: + + 33 (0) 3 20 28 07 60
    For more information on the congress : http://www.unccas.org/evenements/marseille/




    Polibienestar Research InstituteENSA-Y
    Solidarity between generations

    Valencia (Spain) 15 – 16 May 2012
    Polibienestar Research Institute
    Venue: Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication - Avda.
    Blasco Ibañez, 32.VE, Valencia.

    Taking into account that this year 2012 is the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, ENSA-Y will discuss about this topic in their last meeting that will take place in Valencia (Spain). In the meeting we will know some initiatives in this field and we will discuss about potential projects.



    Design for All and ENSA Elderly and Disability thematic networks meetings

    The meeting will be organized by FORTH ICS (in partnership with the consortia The DREAMING and HOME SWEET HOME) in cooperation with ENSA & ELISAN networks, in cooperation with the Regional Ministry for Social Policies of Veneto Region and with the Regional Observatory of Social Policies of Veneto Region.

    17th and 18th of May 2012
    Heraklion (Crete, Greece)
    venue: Institute of Computer Science
    N. Plastira 100 Vassilika Vouton, GR-700 13 Heraklion, Creta, Grecia

    Registration form


    1. Concept and history of Design4all
    2. Design for all @ FORTH-ICS
    3. Design for All and ENSA Elderly and Disability thematic networks meetings
    4. The role of technology for informal carers
    5. European Year 2012 Towards an age-friendly Eu
    6. Industrielle Verblisterung in Österreich
    7. European Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing
    8. From Dreaming to SmartCare from AAL to integrated older people care
    9. Presentation of the foundation for Research and Technology
    10. Robots with autistic children
    11. Robots at Kustaankartano elderly centre
    12. Experimentation for social innovation
    13. ICT age for the seniors and socially excluded persons in Helsinki



    ENSA Elderly and Disability Network

    Invited by Stockholm-Mälar Region
    Eskilstuna, Nacka, Uppsala and Västerås
    21-24 November 2011

    Registration form







    SIRG – Regions for Active Ageing

    21th of September 2011, 9.30 – 12.45 vleva,
    Kortenberglaan 71



    Progress Quality Care for Quality ageing

    Health care indicators

    Approved Project Quality Care for Quality Ageing: European Indicators for Home Health Care in the framework of the PROGRESS call Promoting Quality of Social Services of General Interest.

    The Veneto Region in collaboration with ENSA and Elisan partners presented under the Progress Programme of the European Commission for the deadline of the 18th of July 2008 the project Quality Care for Quality Aging: European Indicators for Home Health Care

    The project sets out to achieve the following results:

    1. a comparative analysis of socio-demographic trends and the evolutions of elderly
    health conditions in every single country and area of the projects partners

    2. an analysis of the European, national and regional legislation about long term care
    policies, in particular for what concerns Home Health Care systems

     3. a transnational album of good practices and guidelines of monitoring and assessment in Home Health Care services

    4. a set of efficacy and effectiveness indicators for monitoring quality in Home Health Care

    5. an analytical final research report on the overall results deriving from the research activities

    6. a promotion of the project results and dissemination of good practices collected through different mainstreaming actions



    SIRG – Regions for Active Ageing

    21th of September 2011, 9.30 – 12.45 vleva,
    Kortenberglaan 71




    Elderly Network Meeting

    26th and 27th November in Stockholm

    ENSA Invitation 26-27.pdf




    Project meeting: Progress Quality Care for Quality ageing

    9th, 10th and 11th March 2009, Venice



    ENSA elderly thematic network meeting

    HELSINKI 28th and 29th of April 2008

    - ENSA ELDERLY NETWORK minutes_April.doc

    - In Control 1.pdf
    - Self Directed Support 1.pdf
    - Self Directed Support 2.pdf
    - AlanWarren_East Surrey.ppt

    - Centre for informal care.ppt
    - Centre for voluntary work.ppt
    - IITA_ prosessi asiakas.ppt
    - InnoKusti hanke-esitys In English.ppt
    - Kustaankartanon esittely Mirjami 280408.ppt
    - Support for informal care in Helsinki.ppt
    - Vava_virasto kalvot.ppt



    Elderly meeting/Percentage Leonardo meeting

    Helsinki, 8th - 9th May 2007



    Elderly Meeting

    Uppsala, 30th November - 1st December 2006

    Download the programme:
    - ElderlyUpsala1206