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Synergies with other projects


    TRIADE 2.0
    TRaining for Inclusion of Ageing People with Disabilities through Exchange 2.0

    The project aims at promoting and enhancing the social inclusion of a new target group: ageing adults with intellectual disabilities (AAWID). Dealing with the double problem of “ageing” and “intellectual disability “ is what makes the project innovative. The partnership will provide training on new competences to face the ageing process.

    Leader: Instituto Valenciano de Atención Social-Sanitaria
    Partners from: Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy (ENSA)




    ABilities On the moVE
    The aim of the project is to exchange good practice examples regarding the employment of persons with mental health disabilities, improving professional skills and focusing people who work with persons with mental health disabilities. The project aims at promoting empowerment and inclusion on the labor market. The final aim is to raise life quality of the target group.

    Leader: Conseil Départemental de Val de Marne
    Partners from : France, Italy, Greece and Croatia


    A Way Home


    The main objective of the project is to identify tools and methods to support young people outside of the care system and to prepare them for their independence.
    this project created:

    • An AfterCare Protocol: a set of quality standards and actions, that are imposed by the regulating youth care authority to all professional actors with responsibility to youth care users in the phase of leaving care;
    • A Way Home Hub: a structural approach to fight youth exclusion (as homelessness). This approach brings local community actors together to build a common understanding of the challenges faced by the young people leaving care.

    Leader: The Flemish Agency for Youth Welfare (Belgium)
    Partners from: Belgium, Carinthia and Italy




    We Hear You

    WE HEAR YOU Project aims to provide a basis for an improved culture amongst youth professionals, as well as structures that will support democratic dialogue and youth involvement in order to promote civic participation, create participatory mechanisms, thus preventing marginalisation and its negative effects on individuals and society.

    Leader: Municipality of Västerås
    Partners from: UK, Belgium, Italy, Netherland, Greece and Sweden