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logoDen achtkanter vzw, Kortrijk (B)                 

    Vzw 'den achtkanter' is a Flemish non for profit organization supporting ca. 200 adults challenged with a learning disability or TBI-traumatic brain injury. The support services for the group of clients with a learning disability (LD) are focusing on 'work'/employment and on living.

    Quality of life, full citizenship, full exercitation of rights, autonomy and inclusion are the main themes of the mission statement, policy, goals and activities. Community based support is
    the standard, relying on the competences and strengths of the client, the social network of the client, informal care givers and mainstream services.

    For clients with LD, from the very beginning the educational policy of the organization focused on a concrete implementation of the 'people with disabilities have abilities'-theme. This was done in a very consequent way, not only by giving opportunities to the clients to work and/or live independently, to work in and live in society, but also by developing intentionally their transversal skills.

    Based on positive and cognitive psychological models, the organization developed a cognitive oriented methodology (as LD clients with learning disabilities are challenged by a lack of learning and thinking/problem solving skills.)